Stretch ceilings made in Korea

We have been producing fabric for stretch ceilings since 2012


It is important that the installation and dismantling of Korea Plast ceilings is carried out by installers according to their technical training

Raw materials

Korea Plast offers a diverse palette of over 147 unique colors. Choose a texture, color, printed image, and your ceiling can give you any look you want

Korea Plast rails

Korea Plast rails systems allow you to realize traditional stretch ceilings or any other shapes (slopes, vaults, curves, waves, 3D, organics, etc.)


Korea Plast certified installers have undergone special training at Korea Plast, which is the key to excellence and quality of work

What is Korea Plast stretch ceiling?

Korea Plast stretch ceiling is a non-combustible PVC fabric classified as B S1-d0, B S2-d0 or B S3-d0 in Europe and Class I in the USA and Canada, which is stretched by heat at the periphery of the walls thanks to a special certified system.

Thanks to the extensive line of Korea Plast rails used for fastening, all kinds of design realizations are possible, including 3D shapes and organic shapes.

«We can offer architects and designers a wide range of options for integrating Korea Plast into their projects. Together with our team, we are pleased to invite you to discover Korea Plast — the choice of designers»

Minjae Jeong


The company Korea Plast is growing more and more each year

To help its development, the group always recruits new collaborators: both beginners or experienced, with a various qualification levels

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